Senior Services

At Errandco We Want to Help You:

  • Do What You Want to Do 

  • Lead the Life You Want to Live

Sometimes the daily burden of caring for your home can get a little overwhelming, and the errands that you need to run become a little too much. Let us help you!

Services and Errands We Love to Help Our Clients Accomplish:

  • Picking up mail, newspapers, and packages and bring them into the house
  • Watering indoor plants
  • Checking door and window locks
  • Adjusting lights and help with music
  • Maintaining window treatments by opening and changing blinds
  • Checking sinks, toilets, water heaters and other plumbing for leaks
  • Monitoring your thermostat and adjusting as needed
  • Checking around your house after bad weather to assess any damage
  • Arrange for service if problems are detected
  • Schedule and meet with repair personnel to handle repairs, house cleaning and maintenance
  • And More!

Let us know what you could use a little help with and we'll be happy to take care of it!